Tuesday, January 20, 2009

His Holiness Rainbow Colors Spring Bloom

Deep inside the well of hope there springs the well of life.
It goes beyond to find the deep of pure and never dry.
We wish we wish upon a star, but did we look inside.
If we did so, then you will find the love of the loving show
Indeed, we'd find love of the kind without any heed. You know.
The kind of love that goes and goes and goes forever you know,
the place of the whipper's call.
We are inside of thee, just look deep and see,
that mother of all life is there.
She is loving inside, and she gives all the time,
just look around and you will be pleased.
She's strong don't you know,
She's the love of all the show.
She is the wisdom of forever's time.
WE cannot believe that hate is the way, when love is so overflow.
My brother, my sister, do you not remember me.
Do you not remember all time.
We are here to believe, don't you know?
Your heart is here to not deceive but instead give love to thee.
We are the happiness that you create inside of you!
Do not forgive and know the way,
you miss the flow of yesterday.
So pick up your heart and give it a squeeze
and know that love flows for sure.
We have only but to believe that love is in the breeze
and you will find the way of eternity.
Give love instead of hate, give whispers instead of doom,
give loving vibrations instead of sending your brother
away from your heart.
Receive and believe because it is the only way.
For all we have to do, is give to me and you.
And we will know love once again.
Don't be fooled when others do not like what you say,
because if you know love in your heart.
There will be one who knows the God, of all the shows.
The one who is true and pure of heart.
There is always a day when you will need to say,
that I need you and I love for sure.
If you can say these words then I can be
your servant forever and a day.
WE are the clan who are practicing to be
the heaven from above.
Just dip your hand inside the well.
It is a place where we can survive
if only you look and see within.
If only you look within and see.
The reflection you see is only a dream,
the dream that keeps us alive.
It's all but a dream that holds form don't you see,
the gift Great Mother's always dreams for us.
She makes all the dreams come true for us indeed,
the dream that we all love each other in pure and free.
The love that takes mountains and birds to flee
to greater heights and greater lands to see what there is to be.
The red that you see, is the red of the leaves.
The blood that takes form don't you see, yes indeed.
It's the place of all time, the blood of yours and mine,
the creations of love that endures.
The greatness we feel is just the beginning of these,
because we are the greatness indeed you see.
We are the greatness indeed. So begin you walk today,
and walk pretty fast don't you see.
The place that comes and dances with thee.
Its the place that we stroll the place we play games,
the place we love each other please.
This is the greatest of all time, the golden of suns.
The day when brotherhood is here.
It is free don't you know, she never gifts and then says please.
She gives and she gives to please you instead.
Now we must sacrifice the love she has given to us,
We must give all our hearts to her.
We are upon her bosom each step that we take,
remember the love that she gives.
Just wake up and and stand down and know which way you go,
it's inside to all of the lows.
The shadows are plenty, the shadows who fear love.
Let us tell them that love will win the show, indeed.
Just tell them that love will win the show.
We are the brothers who must cleanse the world.
We are the children of hers.
We can be wise if we listen to her.
Just look inside to your well, she sits.
Just look deep inside and pure will it be,
if you bless and bring greetings of love.
But don't be surprised if you do not surmise
the greetings of hate will not go so well.
Instead bring love to the well.
Be pure for her, there and bless every day.
Do not take the unjust with you.
Leave the putrid in fear, and walk towards the rising sun
and God will embrace you for sure.
Yes indeed. God will embrace you for sure.
We are the many who are pure and clean.
We are the blessed few. But deep inside me,
is you I believe, the pure of a heart that knows love.
It's here that I believe in all things to be free.
So join me and fly in the breeze.
Just close your eyes and look deep inside
and you can find all that you need.
Do not find outside you, what you cannot see,
but search in your dreams instead you see.
Search all your dreams at the well of life don't you see.
We have many who are coming home.
WE must embrace them all.
Those who do not willingly go,
but must be dragged home are still the ones
we will save for sure.
So don't think that love won't win, because it will for sure.
It's love that always steals the show.

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